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Solvo Europe is a Dutch IT systems integrator that markets hi-end supply chain execution solutions in Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa.

The main brand that Solvo Europe represents so far is SOLVO, the Russia’s leading vendor of warehouse management and terminal operating software. 

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Our Mission

  • We are not just software developers we are a team of highly skilled and highly motivated professionals inclined to deliver a comprehensive solution to meet even the most challenging objectives.

  • We are ready to take charge of even the most complex projects.

  • We do whatever it takes to make sure we finalize the project and customers objectives are met in full.

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solvoSOLVO offers the most flexible and efficient IT solutions for logistics that would anticipate the changing needs of the client.



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Latest News

Break-Bulk Europe 2017: SOLVO Sets Course for World’s Largest Project Cargo Event

Break Bulk

SOLVO is excited to announce taking part in this year’s Break Bulk Europe, the world’s largest exhibition for the project cargo and breakbulk industry, which will take place in Antwerp, Belgium, April 24-16, 2017. 

SOLVO welcomes you to visit its stand No. 417H2 to discover the company’s latest state-of-the-art TOS solution for port process automation. 

Additionally, be sure to check out a presentation from SOLVO’s Giovanni Migliachio titled: Efficient IT solution to plan and manage resources at break-bulk and multi-purpose ports and terminals

This report will explain what is resource planning in the modern port, with focus on: 

  • Monthly planning
  • Day-shift planning
  • Human resources and machinery
  • Process flow diagrams
  • Plan-fact analysis & KPIs

This year’s event expects over 7,600 participants with over 400 exhibitors and sponsors. Break-Bulk Europe provide a unique opportunity for attendees to hear from industry experts, including leading shippers. 

In addition to exceptional networking opportunities, Breakbulk Europe provides a dynamic conference, along with a range of educational and training workshops — intensive all-day classes held the day before the exhibition opens as well as many on-the-floor sessions.

For more than a decade, Breakbulk Europe has served as the networking hub for industry professionals who do business in Europe — or would like to! 

Exhibitors and sponsors include cargo owners, ocean carriers, freight forwarders, ports/terminals, IT solution providers, equipment companies, and more that are involved in this specialized industry.

Be sure to visit SOLVO at stand No. 417H2

You can register for the event here

SOLVO to Focus on Production Warehouse Logistics at Kazakhstan Conference

On December 6th, SOLVO will take part at the “Future of Logistics in Kazakhstan: Effective Solutions for Warehouse and Transport” conference, which will be held for the first time in Kazakhstan, Almaty, at the Uyut Hotel, Han-Shatyr conference hall. 

At 11:40, SOLVO invites all participants to hear a report titled “Comprehensive automation solutions  for warehouse logistics at production facilities: http://www.solvo.ru/en/clients/kukhmaster4858/kukhmaster/">Kukhmaster case-study,” by SOLVO Business Director, Andrey Chiz.

The presentation will focus on the nuances of automating processes at production warehouses as well as the unique features of Solvo.WMS, which was specifically tailored for the given industry. 

The “Future of Logistics” conference will gather leading experts, top managers and owners of warehouse facilities as well as the heads of logistics departments across Russia and Kazakhstan. 

After the business part of the conference, participants will go an excursion to the Class A warehouse complex of Almaty Contract Logistic — one of the key links in the new transport system of Kazakhstan. 

The event is organized by Ekbpromo, which has hosted many logistics-themed conferences across various Russian cities.


Meet SOLVO at TOC Middle East in Dubai

On December 6-7, SOLVO will take part in TOC Container Supply Chain: Middle East, which will be held at the Le Méridien Hotel, in the United Arab Emirates.

The exhibition will also include the conference TECH TOC, where SOLVO will also take part. 

On December 6th at 12:30 during the“PORT PLANNING AND DESIGN” session, head of SOLVO marketing, Daniel Pershin, will deliver a presentation titled “Examples of automating processes at ports and terminal depending on existing cargo-handling technology and storage zone specifics.”

At SOLVO’s stand # D18, visitors will get a chance to learn about the latest software solutions tailored to specific goals: gate management, transport booking, berth planning, yard process optimization and integration with any existing IT-systems used at the port or terminal, thanks to the state-of-the-art SOA architecture. 

All guests can also take part in the presentation of the new version of the Solvo.TOS.Multipurpose solution. 

TOC (The Terminal Operations Conference) has long been considered best in class by container terminal operators and their suppliers with two distinct elements of the event. 

The exhibition is a showcase for port and terminal technology and operations and TECH TOC, the free to attend technical conference aimed at terminal operators and their suppliers. Hundreds of suppliers come together to showcase cutting edge solutions to their clients, the terminal operators and ports.

More recently, the events now placed a new focus on the container supply chain making them the premier business and networking event for the stakeholders, including shippers, carriers and 3pl’s as well as the global operators and port authorities. This conversation takes place in the more recently created Container Supply Chain Conference.

We’re looking forward to see you at our stand # D18!


21 Years Together: SOLVO Celebrates Milestone Anniversary
21 год


SOLVO celebrated its 21st year on November 14 and thanked its clients for their continued trust, support and mutually beneficial partnership. 

Twenty one years on the market is a significant achievement. In many countries, for example, this time period is commonly associated with the beginning of adulthood.

But what is 21 years for an IT business? It is a sign of stability, respect, professionalism, experience, and client trust. 

In the past year, SOLVO released a new integrated solution Solvo.KPI to graphically visualize static and dynamic data on productivity at ports, terminals and warehouses. It also completed numerous SOLVO-solution implementation projects at warehouses of AB In-Bev, Atria (Pit-Produkt) and at the Fenix terminal port, as well as others. Moreover, SOLVO is successfully continuing its strategic expansion into foreign markets along with the support of its global partner network. 

SOLVO would like to thank everyone who contributed their part in the company’s history. Together, we are creating one-of-a-kind solutions to overcome important challenges while driving innovation in the IT industry.


Saudi Ports Authority Gives SOLVO Warm Welcome in Jeddah

SOLVO received a warm welcome from the president of the Saudi Ports Authority at the recently held 12th Trans Middle East 2016 Exhibition and Conference in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

SOLVO recently took part at the 12th Trans Middle East 2016 Exhibition and Conference in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on October 26-28, 2016. This was a major event hosted by Saudi Ports Authority focusing specifically on ports and the shipping industry in the MENA region.

This was SOLVO’s first visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where the company met with top Saudi officials and discussed potential partnerships for growth and cooperation. The event was a success on all sides as the president of the Saudi Ports Authority, Dr. Nabeel Mohammed Al Amoudi, invited SOLVO and Russian representatives for an audience.  

Meanwhile, SOLVO’s stand, which was organized in partnership with its local partner — Saudi company Magma Technologies — was visited by top representatives from ports and major shipping companies, who took much interest in learning about SOLVO’s latest products and features. 

Head of SOLVO’s marketing, Daniel Pershin, also presented a report titled “Cost Effective Innovations for Port Operation,” which outlined the most common issues faced by port operators along with solutions that won’t break the bank and help ports save money through process-automation and optimization.

“It’s been a very productive event for us here in Jeddah and we see a huge potential for our TOS and WMS solutions on the local market,” explained Pershin. “Thanks to the support that we got from our local partners, we expect new interesting opportunities very soon as we build strong brand awareness in the region.”

You can view more pictures from the event here.


SOLVO Heads to Kenya for 6th Intermodal Africa Exhibition 2016


SOLVO is excited to be taking part in the 16th Intermodal Africa 2016 Exhibition and Conference, which will take place in Mombasa, Kenya, from Wednesday 16th to Friday 18th, November, at Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa. 

You can meet the SOLVO team and its latest offerings at stand No. 41

This will be SOLVO’s second visit to East Africa following a successful visit to Tanzania in 2013 as part of its MENA region expansion strategy. SOLVO’s Lev Aispur will give a joint presentation titled “Top-5 cost-effective information technologies to manage container terminals, ports and warehouses” alongside SOLVO’s partner Steni Ltd.

The event is proud to be hosted by Kenya Ports Authority as Intermodal Africa continues to be the biggest annual Container Ports and Terminal Operations Exhibition and Conference in Africa.

Covering Eastern and Southern Africa, the two days conference program will feature 30 world-class conference speakers addressing topical issues and challenges on global transportation and logistics attended by a gathering of 500 senior executive harbor masters, harbor engineers, port engineers, maintenance supervisors and procurement decision makers together with the region’s leading shippers, cargo owners, importers/exporters, shipping lines, freight forwarders, logistics companies, ports, terminal operating companies, railway operators, port equipment and services suppliers from countries throughout Eastern and Southern Africa.

The event will be a unique opportunity for 80 exhibitors and sponsors to network directly with the delegates at this major annual international maritime transport Exhibition and Conference event for Eastern and Southern Africa.

For more details about the event, go here.

We look forward to seeing you at Intermodal Africa in Mombasa, Kenya! 

Solvo.WMS Brings Full Automation, Efficiency to Kukhmaster
logo kuhmaster 

At the end of last year, SOLVO completed an automation project at the warehouse complex of Kukhmaster, the largest producer of ketchup, mustard and confectionary goods, in record time — just two months. 

The company’s warehouse complex in Samara has an area of over 12,000 square meters. It is used for storing, shipping goods while strictly adhering to storage condition requirements. 

The significant increase in production throughput and turnover necessitated Kukhmaster to find a special solution to putaway, storage and shipping of products at the warehouse. Thus, the company started searching for a management system that could automate processes and optimize operations. 

Considering its experience with accounting systems, Kukhmaster took a very careful approach in selecting the right WMS system. A few deciding factors in choosing Solvo.WMS were the demonstration of the system in action at a client’s warehouse as well as the presentation on the system’s features held by SOLVO experts at the office of Kukhmaster.  

The SOLVO implementation team was faced with the following tasks:

- Address-based storage;

- Resolve issues with picking errors, apply FEFO;

- Accounting of goods expiration dates;

- 1C integration.

Implementation of a yard management system:

- A management system for truck routing within the warehouse complex;

- Gate management.

Automation Tasks 

The production complex of Kukhmaster operates 24/7 and is divided into several sections: production of ketchup, mustard and confectionary goods, part of which is stored separately in standalone buildings. The warehouse complex includes a warehouse for ready-made products adjacent to one of the production plants as well as a warehouse for raw materials.



Solvo.WMS makes it possible to receive ready-made goods in two ways: automatically via the conveyor and using radio terminals where forklift drivers deliver part of the products from the production facilities.

Following implementation of the Solvo.WMS module called “Automatic receiving from production,” ready-made goods are delivered to the corresponding warehouse via the conveyor line and identified by optical sensors. Next, Solvo.WMS automatically creates a load, for which it prompts the pinter-applicators to print corresponding load labels. 

The system function called “receiving via radio terminal” is used for semi-automatic or “traditional” receiving of goods, when the WMS system or warehouse manager manually issues tasks to operators to receive. The tasks are displayed on the mobile data capture terminal screen. The warehouse uses the hand-held terminal Datalogic Scorpio X3 and the Honeywell THOR CE, which is mounted in the forklift cabin. 

It should be noted that Auto-ID equipment including data capture terminals, printers, and optical sensors, were also provided and configured by SOLVO within the scope of the given project. 


Pallet and carton picking is carried out at the warehouse. Pallets are shipped indirectly from the stack storage zone; carton picking is carried out in the carton picking zone. If necessary, the system can automatically create tasks for operator in accordance with preset rules and strategies to replenish the carton picking zone from the stack storage zone. 

Goods assembly is carried out:

- Via replenishment of the picking zone;

- Pallet shipping is carried out directly into the truck;

- Assembly of incomplete pallets is carried out in the picking zone.

In accordance with putaway rules and strategies, Solvo.WMS automatically issues tasks to operators to put away ready-made goods while accounting the type of adjacent goods in the stack storage and carton picking zone. Moreover, Solvo.WMS calculates the tier layering by product type. Order planning is carried out based on FEFO with consideration of customer requirements. 


Automation of processes at the raw materials warehouse

Various types of raw materials are stored in a separate warehouse and are controlled by Solvo.WMS:

- Tomato paste in barrels,

- Sugar in bags,

- Packages for goods, accounted by weight in kilograms.

- Liquid concentrates, which are stored in tanks or canisters;

- Processed food, which must adhere to a strict temperate mode.

Solvo.WMS handles catch-weight goods at the raw materials warehouse, while accounting for the weight of the cargo during receiving and shipping. 

Worth mentioning is that only one warehouseman is now responsible for the raw materials warehouse. This implies that Solvo.WMS is successfully controlling receiving, putaway and shipping operations. Thus, only one person is now required to monitor all of these processes.


Besides Solvo.WMS, the Kukhmaster warehouse complex also uses a separate yard management module Solvo.Yard (YMS). It is intended for optimizing management of external transport vehicles (trucks). 

Thanks to Solvo.Yard, the following processes have been automated at the warehouse complex:

- Truck arrival control;

- Truck driver SMS notification with directions to the loading zone;

- Warehouse document processing control;

- Truck driver notification on document processing and out-gate instructions;

- Truck departure control.

Thanks to Solvo.WMS and Solvo.Yard, the automation of processes at the Kukhmaster warehouse complex has significantly boosted efficiency and raised overall productivity.


Jeddah Welcomes SOLVO at the 12th Trans Middle East Conference & Exhibition

The 12th Trans Middle East 2016 Exhibition and Conference will take place for the first time in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, October 26-28, 2016, hosted by Saudi Ports Authority. 

This will be SOLVO’s first visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it’s looking forward to take part at this major event for the Middle East region. 

We invite everyone to meet SOLVO at stand No. 9

Guests will get a chance to familiarize themselves with the company’s latest products and learn about the best approaches to optimizing cargo handling processes and reducing expenses for port operators.  

On Thursday, October 27th at 12:05 PM as part of session 7, head of marketing at SOLVO, Daniel Pershin, will present a report titled “Cost Effective Innovations for Port Operation.”

In whole, the two-day program will feature 30 world-class conference speakers addressing key issues and challenges on global transportation and logistics. Trans Middle East will be attended by a gathering of 400 senior executive harbor masters, harbor engineers, port engineers, maintenance supervisors and procurement decision makers together with the region’s leading shippers, cargo owners, importers/exporters, shipping lines, freight forwarders, logistics companies, ports, terminal operating companies, railway operators, port equipment and services suppliers from countries throughout the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC).

The event will be a great opportunity for SOLVO to network directly with the delegates at this major annual international maritime transport exhibition and conference trade event for the Middle East.


SOLVO to Spotlight Rail Transport Planning & Automation at TRANSTEC 2016

October 4-6, 2016 - SOLVO invites everyone to take part at this year’s “Future of Russian Ports and Shipping” TRANSTEC 2016 international conference at the LenExpo exhibition center in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Visitors will get a chance to hear Daniel Pershin, head of marketing at SOLVO, who will present a report titled “Optimizing Logistics to Increase Efficiency” on automating rail transport operations for container terminals. 

The presentation is scheduled for October 5th, in hall 7-3, pavilion № 7, at 10:00.

Other topics in focus at TRANSTEC 2016 will include: 

  • Competition for port business;
  • Combining the interests of ports, shipping and shippers;
  • The cruise market and Russia – expanding the horizons;
  • Greater economy, greater efficiency–the next generation of port and service fleets;
  • Arctic shipping and port cooperation;
  • Environmental challenges;
  • Accelerating port equipment modernization and technology;
  • Ports and inland waterways civil engineering;
  • Shipping program.

With more than 60% of Russian foreign trade carried by sea transport, the priority is to increase port capacity, construct new port facilities, and facilitate development of road/rail infrastructure in the country.

The event will be held under the auspices of the Russian government. 


SOLVO Showcases New Solutions at CeMAT Russia 2016

SOLVO recently took part at the 7th International Exhibition for materials handling, warehousing equipment and logistics СеМАТ-Russia 2016 in Moscow.

SOLVO, with the help of its partners, presented new IT technologies designed to boost efficiency and make it easier to perform and optimize warehouse operations. This year, SOLVO was joined by its partners — Honeywell, Datalogic, Panasonic, TopVox, AMH Systems Oy, TSC and CICT Innovations — who all showed off their new Solvo.WMS based solutions.

Demonstrations included the new Solvo.KPI module for the port and warehouse – running on mobile Android devices, which included tablets such as the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-N1 and Toughpad FZ-M2, notebook-transformer CF-20. Thanks to the new mobile version of Solvo.KPI, it will be easier for managers to monitor main warehouse performance indicators without being tied to their desktops.

Another novelty presented by SOLVO was IAAS (infrastructure-as-a-service), which makes it possible to set up sever infrastructure for WMS in the cloud. The “remote warehouse” technology was also on display, which allows companies who are already running Solvo.WMS at one site to easily connect new warehouse to the WMS without physically implementing the system at each new warehouse. 


However, the CICT Innovations Pick & Pack, Intelligent Palletizing Software (IPS) received the most interest from visitors. This solution automatically controls the position of cargo on the pallet, optimizing assembly and order packing, while taking into account a trucks loading parameters. 

Solvo’s general director of WMS sales, Aleksey Smirnov, also presented a report on September 20th, highlighting Solvo.WMS implementation case study at a warehouse of Kuhmaster, a major producer of ketchup, mustard and confectionary goods.


Along with its partners, SOLVO showed off new devices and accessories for warehouse workers:

  • New compact MP series printer from Honeywell and the hand-held Honeywell ScanPal EDA50 terminal for mobile personnel;

  • JOYA Touch self-service terminal (for retail l stores) and the DL-Axist terminal running on Android from Datalogic;

  • ALPHA-3R light hand-held barcode printer from TSC that can be attached to a belt and works with Wi-Fi;

  • New voice solution from SOLVO based on Lydia TopVOX technology from TopSystems.

Aleksey Gusev, head of the AUTO-ID equipment department at SOLVO, stated: 

“In my view, this year’s exhibition was very successful. We presented many new products, spoke with a lot of visitors and discussed new joint projects with our partners. The level of visitors’ interest for SOLVO’s stand was even noted by other exhibitors of CeMAT 2016.”


SOLVO would like to thank all guests who were able to visit our stand as well as our partners for their support.

We’d also like to especially thank our client “Moscow Brewing Company,” which provided our guests with delicious beer right at our stand.

We hope to see you at our stand next year as well as at other events where SOLVO will be taking part. Keep your eyes on our news feed for the latest updates!


SOLVO Unveils New Hand-Held ScanPal EDAA50 Mobile Device from Honeywell

SOLVO is excited to announce the start of sales for the new ScanPal EDAA50 device from Honeywell. This is a budget new-generation data capture terminal with a wide range of features and protection intended for distribution centers and retail stores, where mobility is key. 

The device can connect via Wi-Fi as well as GSM networks. The new terminal combines reliability and ease-of-use to provide mobile users with access to important business information in real-time, at an affordable price. 

The mobile computer is intended for constant daily use. For example, retail store workers can instantly receive, register and send work-related data in real-time. 

Thanks to an ergonomic touchscreen design with the latest mobile technology, ScanPal EDA50 offers a wide range of options to interact with colleagues and access business-systems. The operating system runs on Android while the processor, which was developed with mobility in mind, makes it possible to use the device to perform a wide range of tasks. 

ScanPal EDA50 is also designed for high-intensity work in harsh conditions. Users can count on the device for the entire shift thanks to its smart power management, hardened touchscreen and display that is easy to see under any light conditions, both indoors and outdoors.  

For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Solvo.KPI – Key Performance Indicators for Logistics Facilities in Real-Time
2 kpi

SOLVO is proud to announce the official release of its WEB and Android apps, which graphically display and track statistical and dynamic data at a logistics facility. The app is available in three versions: 

  • For warehouses
  • For container terminals
  • For multi-modal transshipment complexes

n developing the application, SOLVO experts focused on industry best practices including  WERC (Warehousing Education and Research Council, US), as well as the fundamental principles of the leading Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, based in Germany.

The ability to track and control processes in real-time using the KPI app, helps solve a series of managerial problems. In result, the time required to create reports and assess performance is reduced, productivity and transparency are increased, while new opportunities for boosting employee productivity are provided. 

Why Solvo.KPI
  • Tracking warehouse productivity in real-time from any location with internet access.

  • Monitoring of completed jobs based on KPI value and “traditional” indicators (number of lines, etc.).

  • Performance indicators for individual workers by speciality, zone and shift.

  • Performance indicators for specific processes, for example, order assembly depending on zone and applied technologies (e.g. voice-picking, data capture terminals). 

Work Principles


The user works with the KPI module via the graphic interface from the web page or right from the Android app. The KPI module has a mobile version and supports KPI touch screens (for all-in-one desktops and notebooks with touchscreens). The main program window presents a “sample panel” where the user can pin their preferred indicators. For convenience, the user panel consists of tabs, similar to a web browser. 

The graphical elements include: graph, circle diagram, histogram, table, clock and date, as well as a unite process indicators and more. Any indicator, whether a table or diagram, can be exported into Excel as well as filtered by specific criteria. It is possible to export the tab in its entirety, presenting the tables on several pages, as well as only the selected indicators. 

Accessibility to indicators and module functionality is determined by user access rights. For example, the system administrator can prohibit the user from editing indicators, restrict visibility for certain KPI’s. Each user works in the module under their own account. All changes are saved automatically to prevent the risk of data loss

Examples of applicable indicators

Currently, the user can access from 30 to 50 basic indicators by default depending on the type of object, thought the list can be expanded based on client demand.

Examples for warehouse: 
  • Order processing time at the warehouse;

  • Quantity of processed and shipped orders for a period;

  • Picking speed in units/hour by zone/CHE/worker;

  • Quantity of picked and shipped cartons/pallets/containers (labor hours);

  • Inventory stock and others.

Examples for the port:
  • Berth Productivity

  • Quay Crane Productivity

  • Number of lifts per vessel hour


Currently, the KPI application works only with Solvo.WMS and Solvo.TOS. Third-party platform support is planned for the near future.

The application has successfully passed validation by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics within the scope of the annual validation of the Solvo.WMS system.

The advantages of implementing the KPI module are evident as all process participants benefit from its realization. Managers receive an easy to use tool to control operations based on key indicators. Workers are motivated to work more efficiently per shift. While the warehouse client is guaranteed a higher quality of service.


Solvo.WMS Boosts Efficiency at Warehouse of Major Russian Confectionary Producer

In March 2015, a Solvo.WMS implementation project was successfully completed at a ready-made goods warehouse of Slavyanka — one of the leading companies in Russia’s confectionary industry — which has an area of 11,700 sq. meters 

The warehouse is located near the Slavyanka factory in the city of Stariy Oskol. 

The entire warehouse complex can be divided into four parts: 

1 & 2 – two zones for receiving goods from production;

3 - zone for assembly and shipping (via road and rail transport);

4 - additional warehouse for storing products received from external suppliers (factories in other regions) as well as proprietary products from other factories in the city.

Warehouse specifications:
  • High turnover and frequent “overstuffing,” requiring storage of goods in aisles between frontal racks.

  • Control cargo transfers between each participant.


The warehouse was implemented with a standard configured solution Solvo.WMS for production warehouse with only a small number of additional development. To enable interactions between the system and personnel in real-time, SOLVO rolled out a wireless network, installed and configured Datalogic Scorpio X3 data capture terminals. In result, 80 warehouse employees are now online and can receive tasks from the system as well as record their actions. 

Receiving & putaway

When goods leave the production facility, the warehouse received formed pallets with cargo labels, a barcode containing information about the goods and lot, production date, and the number of cartons in the pallet.  

With the implementation of Solvo.WMS it became possible to simplify the receiving process using the “expedited technology by barcode” technology. This is where the warehouseman scans the pallet barcode and then checks the data with the actual pallet contents. If the data is correct, he will confirm receiving by pressing a button on the data capture terminal. 


Putaway of goods is done in accordance with Solvo.WMS rules and strategies accounting for velocity and other parameters. If the goods are placed on the top tiers then the “transit locations” technology is applied where every process in this case is divided into two stages: goods are moved to the rack using hydraulic carts, from which the load is placed into a transit location next to the destination rack; while stacker trucks are used for putaway into the destination location. 

After the worker confirms putaway into a transit location, the task to move the cargo from the transit location to the rack becomes available to stacker truck operators, which makes the process more organized and ordered as equipment does not get into each other’s way. 

It should also be noted that implementation of mobile work stations for data capture terminals has significantly simplified work for warehouse employees including workers with disabilities - the warehouse employs workers with hearing impairment. After passing training, their work has become a lot easier as they can now see all tasks on their individual screens. 

Intra-warehouse operations

Any intra-warehouse moves are performed with a control function since each of the four zones of the warehouse complex falls under the financial responsibility of a human tied to a specific participant. A special account process was developed to record and control the transfer of responsibility from one zone to another, which records all intra-warehouse moves so that it is possible to receive information on the number of goods moves in a specific time period. 

A protocol was also developed for controllers located near the entrances/exits of warehouse zones. Their responsibilities include checking that all cargo is transferred to their assigned locations. With the help of informational form in the data capture terminal, the controller checks whether the correct load was grabbed by the worker and if it has a location assigned by Solvo.WMS. This eliminates any moves not created by the system. The efficiency provided by this practice was also achieved in part due to the possession of required administrative resources by the customer. 

Picking & shipping

Order assembly is carried out with whole pallets or factory cartons. Meanwhile, if pallet assembly is performed, then loads from the main storage zone will be immediately moved to the shipping dock. A mechanism to replenish the picking zone from the main storage zone is applied in the case of carton assembly.

Jobs involving moving pallets from the main storage zone are performed using the “transit location” technology just like the putaway method. 

The “load substitution” system function for order planned loads is frequently used during high season under “overstuffed” conditions at the warehouse when products are stored in aisles between racks. The given Solvo.WMS function makes it possible to plan a different but identical load to replace an initially planned unit of cargo with similar characteristics such as SKU, expiration date and quantity in package. 


The “loading control” function is used when loading onto a transport vehicles, particularly when simultaneously loading several vehicles. To do this, the loading dispatcher used a special loading control screen form with the “blind control” mode. During the first step when loads are scanned by loading operators, Solvo.WMS checks dock compatibility, with which the dispatcher is working and the load destination dock. In other words, the system ensures that the cargo from the warehouse is loaded on the right vehicle. 

Then the operator enters the number of cartons into the data capture device, which he sees on the pallet and approves loading only if there is no discrepancy in quantity with the system. The loading process is blocked if discrepancies are discovered. If at least one load does not pass system control, then Solvo.WMS will not allow the dispatcher to close the order. 

In the future, Slavyanka plans to continue working closely with SOLVO in scaling the Solvo.WMS system and, in particular, a project for automating individual production areas to optimize the entire logistics chain is being actively discussed.