Solvo.TOS Container comprehensive terminal operating system for any container terminal – marine and inland.
Solvo.TOS — is a state-of-the-art supply chain execution solution that primarily aims to effectively control the movement and storage of containers in real time. The system also enables to manage all related document flow make better use of terminal assets, labor and equipment, plan workload, and get up to the minute information which allows for more timely and cost-effective decision making.
Solvo.TOS makes best use of such technologies such as AIDC (automatic identification and data collection), WEB (interfaces), DGPS, EDI processing, mobile computers, wireless LANs and OCR to efficiently monitor the flow of boxes in, out and around the terminal. Data is a real-time wireless transmission to a central database. The database provides useful reports about the status of containers, locations and CHEs in the terminal.
The system is easily configurable and deployable. It can be integrated with ERP systems and is highly flexible when choosing an optimal configuration to ideally suit customer needs. 
SOLVO.DMS document management system is designed to automate various document handling functions, such as recording, planning and processing of containers and vehicles at a container terminal. 
Solvo.BM Billing Module with functionality: calculation terminals cots; manage contracts & records; creation service reports & invoices; ERP interfacing.
Benefits of Solvo.BM: reduce time; increases calculation accuracy; eliminated paperwork; flexible pricing and billing schedules; DB for financial records; DB for terminal’s accounting system.
Solvo.EDIFACT Module with Data Exchange XML formats & EDIFACT: CODECO (track/rail confirmation of arrival/ departure); CUSCAR (import cargo manifests/ bills of lading); BAPLIE (unloading list container shipboard placement map export & import); COPRAR (loading list).
Solvo.WEB Module with functionality: Internet access; viewing vessel call; viewing terminal operations references.
Benefits of Solvo.WEB: real-time access; Web-request feature; E-signature technology; security maximization; increased DI speed.  
SOLVO.CTMS is a realtime system designed to manage container terminals. The system is capable of automatically managing container handling equipment and personnel, efficiently scheduling tasks and supervising current operational demands.
Vessel Operations Module (VOM): real-time monitor; vessel calls; graphic vessel profile editor; Bay planning; crane scheduling; multi-parameter planning; berth planning.
Benefits of VOM: easy handle dispatchers operations; full EDI support; reduced time; eliminated errors; optimal containers slots on board selection; mooring process optimization; crane operations optimization.
Yard Planning & Optimization (YP&O): yard stowage planning (automatic/manual modes); real-time monitor; graphic topology planner and real-time bird’s eye view; IMDG management; CFS & add-operations; empty depot management; refer store zone management.
Benefits of YP&O: containers movements rationalization; avoid traffic congestion; reduce empty runs; facilitate specific containers locations; full yard control; terminal activities optimization; GPS & pick-up positioning.
Equipment & workforce control (E&WC): full support of all types terminal equipment; automated job assignment to CHE via RDTs; automated job assignment; to tallymen/ inspectors/ dockers via RDTs; container positioning; equipment positioning; Konecranes Autostop system integration; Quay crane operator’s tool.
Benefits of (E&WC): empty-runs reducing; container loss elimination; real- time on-the-fly; equipment control; light-weight & easy-to-use RDT GUI; special touch-screen GUI for real-time crane operations.
Rail Operations & Planning (RO&P): visual display of rail loading/unloading schematics; platform configuration selector; outbound/inbound registration; monthly import/export railway; planning; rail waybills management; OCR integration; IMDG class compatibility.
Benefits of RO&P: increased import/export planner effectiveness; paperwork reducing; less time-consuming load; receiving tallyman process; real-time monitoring; reduced railcar list creation time; FIFO & LIFO waybill date; platform stuffing by weight.
Gate Operations & Truck Scheduling (GO&TS): gate access control; gate planning; truck scheduling; Web access; truck electronic queue; OCR & ACS integration; gate processing module; automated gate entry & exit.
Benefits of GT&TS: keep drivers/trucks references; truck visit registration; Monthly import/export planning; automatically trucks work orders; export loads authorization; route layout printing; SMS notification; tallymen register loads.
Resource planning & KPI (RP&KPI): unified daily work plans (DWP) distributing jobs: vessel, road, rail, warehouse and accompanying jobs; operation flow-charts; terminals requirement reports; Banchmark (more then 60 key performance indicators); notification system; on-the-fly assignment of strategic priority during operations; the drill-down functionality.
Benefits of RP&KPI: effective terminal planning; simplified shift transfer process; access to online information; highly detailed data; vessels undergoing loading/unloading; occupied technical equipment; docks & all active operators; workers registered in the system. 
  • Transparent management and control of all operations
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Faster processing of containers
  • Optimization of equipment usage
  • Increased container terminal’s capacity
  • Prevention of container loss
  • Prevention of container theft
  • Increased personnel’s performance
  • Faster proessing of vessels, trains and trucks


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Port Muuga CT, Estonia 
Port Riga Commercial Port (RTO), Latvia

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