SOLVO.WMS is a real-time, high-performance warehouse management solution to manage all aspects of warehouse operations and achieve maximum productivity of warehouse operations as well as the accuracy of processed data.

  • controls the entire warehouse operations cycle in real-time;
  • manages warehouse personnel and equipment;
  • monitors all technological processes with precision;
  • embedded with fast-and-friendly interfaces of various ERPs (MS Navision, MS Axapta, iScala, PeopleSoft, SAP);
  • can be deployed in the CLOUD;
  • integrated with TMS;
  • Supports various AIDC technologies and supports most hardware & mobile devices (scanners, voice terminals, mobile terminals, AIDC, OCR, RFID, NFC)


  • System workflow uses the principle of address-based storage, automatic cargo identification, remote personnel and equipment management based on fuzzy logic, easily configurable rules and strategies in real time.
  • One of the main advantages of Solvo.WMS is the system’s scalability. The system contains a wide range of various functions, which can be activated and configured by users without programming at any moment in time depending on business process growth at a particular warehouse.
  • The accounting system of SOLVO.WMS is cutting edge. Due to Crystal Reports and BarTender technology as well as in-house advancements, users have the ability to create and print any type of report in real time.
  • The accounting principle in the system is load-based instead of SKU-based. The system operates based on the real world principle of “load” – pallet, carton etc. including the concept of “package” and load ID etc. This is a key aspect, which sets SOLVO.WMS apart from conventional ERP warehouse modules and many other accounting systems, which maintain an inventory balance in view of storage locations and subsequently set limitations. Therefore, SOLVO.WMS has moved beyond the virtual warehouse method and now allows the user to keep record of stock items in a more comprehensive and precise manner such as during shipping (without any tie-in to the inventory balance).
  • The system supports fully functional lot-accounting. The ability to consolidate goods by certain attributes (expiration date, production date, client ID, serial number etc.) and then restore the exact lot contents during shipping, effectively monitor goods by lot at any moment in time and at any stage (tracebility) or block a shipment, if necessary.

SOLVO.WMS includes control over a full range of warehouse processes - from delivery preparation to dispatch

  • Can be hosted in the CLOUD.
  • Support of various types of receiving incl. by ASN, automatic пreceiving from production, with the RDT/PC/paper-based etc.
  • Cross-docking (incl. pick-by-line).
  • Catchweight management.
  • Support of RFID technology.
  • Visual interactive warehouse layout view and editor.
  • Support of all common types of storage and zoning types.
  • Instant access to information on occupancy, SKU location etc.
  • Support of several effective inventory method types including without work stoppage.
  • Support of various types of picking zone replenishment methods: dynamic picking channels, automated replenishment, push-out.
  • Support of various group assembly methods: by order, multi-order picking, wave picking including put-to-store, voice picking.
  • Support of Pick-to-light technology.
  • Support of 2 types of VOICE technologies.


The system is designed to not only manage warehouse processes but also includes such additional features (add-on modules) as: YARD manager (vehicle operation area), Remote warehouse management (WMS in the CLOUD), Activity charging (Billing), Graphical warehouse layout editor, Resources planning module and KPI, Container yard management, Web-portal, WCS (warehouse control system) VOICE.

Solvo WMS eng

SOLVO.WMS has unprecedented reliability:

250 000 + order lines per day
300 + concurrent users
200+ concurrent RDT network users.

SOLVO.WMS integration range:

1. Low level integration management system based on paper pick-lists and paper tasks.
2. Full-scale real-time WMS incorporating: barcode technology, wireless devices, data transfers, warehouse machinery positioning systems and other tools.

TARGET GROUP SOLVO.WMS is a high-end automation system for medium-sized and large-scale warehouses. We offer industry-specific solutions for various applications, such as

Pharmaceuticals: data fresh control, RSL, record keeping, SKU, QC, FIFO, LIFO, FEFO & LEFO, GMP & GDP.

Production: automated receiving from production, traceability and recall management, equipment control, cross-docking, catch weight, FEFO, RSL,RFID, QC.

Distributions and retail: real-time “door to door”, lot/batch management, 100% lot/ batch/ SKU tracebility, cross-docking, multi-order picking, put-to-store (wave picking), VOICE picking, automated replenishment, dynamic picking channels zoning, non-stop inventory, visualisation & graphical topology, KPI.

3PL: real-time management, additional operations, Billing, EDI, RFID, WEB.



  • Flexibly prioritized and optimized flows of goods and resources.
  • Increased data accuracy (up to 99.9%) for exact quantity and location of goods within warehouse.
  • Full visibility of product flows and distribution.
  • Improved product placement to increase warehouse storage capacity by 5 to 15%.
  • Accelerated product distribution. • Lowered costs for writing-off overdue time-sensitive products.


  • Increased operation performance (up to 10 to 20% on average).
  • Enhanced efficiency of personnel management. Customer Service:
  • Better control over accuracy of order compilation. • Improved customer servicing. Management Control and Goods Circulation:
  • Increased efficiency of operational interaction between all warehouse process participants.
  • Guaranteed realtime access to current process information. • Ability to launch physical inventory of goods without warehouse shutdown.
  • Full integration with ERP.

Customer’s benefits:

  • Customer business needs analysis.
  • Operation optimization, business reengineering.
  • Hardware and material handling equipment options.
  • Project cost-efficiency evaluation.
  • ‘Best Practices in IT Service Management (ITSM)’ Solvo.WMS. Expertise:
  • Personnel Training:theory & practice.
  • Customer Post-Guarantee Support - SLA.
  • Linux/ Oracle support advantage Solvo.WMS Security.
  • ISO 9001:2008 QA.
  • Real-time control & secure authorization.
  • Constantly recalculation.
  • Any deviations can be identified immediately Solvo.WMS.
  • Support: 24/7/365 Customer support, Hot-line.
  • The Unicode character set of multi-lingual.
  • Consultancy services for clients wishing to optimize their warehouse technology and systems: operational requirements and parameters, warehouse design models and documentation, analysis of effectiveness.


The system successfully operates at over 160 facilities which represent such multinational brands as:
Carlsberg, Pepsi Co, DPD, Unilever, Ab InBev, Royal Canin, Mars, SELA, Pfizer and many others. 

wms top clients






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Our Mission

  • We are not just software developers we are a team of highly skilled and highly motivated professionals inclined to deliver a comprehensive solution to meet even the most challenging objectives.

  • We are ready to take charge of even the most complex projects.

  • We do whatever it takes to make sure we finalize the project and customers objectives are met in full.

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solvoSOLVO offers the most flexible and efficient IT solutions for logistics that would anticipate the changing needs of the client.



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Latest News


Recap: SOLVO at BreakBulk Europe 2018 

SOLVO took part at the international transport and logistics exhibition BreakBulk Europe 2018, May 29-31.

Breakbulk Europe is the biggest exhibition in Europe dedicated to general cargo logistics. It is an annual event where leading logistics operators, shippers, ports, forwarders, carriers, industry experts, and IT solution providers come under one roof to network, showcase their latest products, and share their experiences.

This year, the event was held for the first time in Germany at the Messe Bremen complex in the city of Bremen.

SOLVO received visitors to its stand along with its exclusive European partner, Solvo Europe B.V., demonstrating its terminal operating system Solvo.TOS 6.0: a unified platform for managing all cargo types and simultaneously tracking, planning and controlling not only various parts of the terminal (port), but also processing various types of cargo including container, general, and Ro-Ro cargo.

The event also included an interview between Daniel Pershin, head of SOLVO marketing, and representatives of BreakBulk Europe organizers. Pershin discussed the prospects for port logistics development and shared insights into the capabilities of Solvo.TOS 6.0.


Solvo to Showcase New Solvo.TOS 6.0 Terminal Operating System at TOC Europe 2018

TOC has long been considered best in class by container terminal operators and their suppliers where port operations, shippers, suppliers, IT solution providers and more come together under one roof. This year’s event will be held at Ahoy Rotterdam, The Netherlands, June 12-14.

SOLVO is proud to once again be taking part this year, following last year’s successful event.

Visit SOLVO’s stand #C72, Hall 1, to check out the latest solutions and receive a free souvenir. Learn about the latest version of our terminal operating system Solvo.TOS 6.0, which successfully combined Solvo.TOS Container and Solvo.TOS General Cargo into a single unified platform for all cargo types!

The new platform features an all-new WEB interface, new built-in stowage planning and equipment optimization module, block-train management, berth planning, KPI dashboards, resource planning, VGM compliance, and much more.

On June 12, visitors will also get a chance to join the Operating Smarter Session at TECH TOC from 14:45 - 16:00 with speakers Giovanni Migliaccio, Vice President, Solvo Europe B.V, and Daniil Pershin, Director of Marketing and PR, Solvo LLC.

The topics in focus will include case studies such as:

Cutting-edge technology to help boost container terminal operations efficiency: vessel and rail planning, yard optimization and gate management. Based on case studies in the Antwerp Euro Terminal (AET) operated by Grimaldi Lines and Novosibirsk rail terminal.

Other topics will also include:

-What factors affect TOS implementation complexity at the multipurpose facilities?
-Specialized container ships, ConRo, on-board ship cranes etc
-Is yard and CHE optimization real needed or is this just a good-to-have fancy feature
-Automated block train identification and tracking
-Block-train scheduling
-Gate optimization: how to save if OCR is just a bit too early to think of?
-STS vs mobile crane optimization efficiency

SOLVO looks forward to seeing you at this year’s TOC Europe in Rotterdam!


SOLVO Takes Part in Russia’s Official Business Mission to Vietnam

April 2-13, 2018, saw SOLVO taking part in a business mission of Russian exporters to Vietnam, which was organized by the Russian Export Center (REC) in association with the Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

To facilitate the development of trade and economic ties between Russia and Vietnam the mission included over 30 Russian companies from all industries: energy, machine-manufacturing, agriculture, IT, and others.

The main goal of the business mission was to strengthen economic cooperation, promote Russian products and businesses on the Vietnamese market. The event was also coincided with the opening of a Trade house in Ho Chi Minh City and the 28th International multi-industry exhibition Vietnam EXPO 2018 in Hanoi.

Under the auspices of the Russian Export Center, SOLVO company representatives were able to connect with potential partners and clients from various regions of Vietnam and visit Haiphong, the biggest port in northern Vietnam.

Despite the relatively high level of logistics process automation in Vietnam, many local representatives showed keen interest in SOLVO’s products and solutions such as Solvo.TOS and Solvo.WMS in particular, due to their innovative features, accessibility and functionality.

SOLVO would like to thank the Russian Export Center for the ability to take part and help the business mission to Vietnam. 



SOLVO to Showcase at Intermodal South America 2018 

brazil stand

For the 2nd time Solvo will be exhibiting at the biggest international logistics event in South America. This time together with the official sales partner in San Paulo - Prosegur.
Intermodal South America is the leading integrated exhibition and conference event for international trade, logistics, transport and cargo handling in Latin America, offers over 450 exhibitors from all over the world, presenting new products, the latest equipment and technology innovation and a vast conference program, providing the unique opportunity and experience for more than 45 thousand professionals. 

Solvo and Prosugur joined forces at the stand No 5-20 to show the latest developments in terminal operating software for ports and contanштук terminals as well as in WMS software that helps boost intralogistics in such environments as DCs, production warehouses, 3PL warehouses.

For registration, click here


SOLVO Brings Efficiency Through Automation to Nornickel Container Terminal 


nornickel 2018 eng

In 2017, Solvo.TOS ver. 5.0 was successfully implemented at the Murmansk transport affiliate of Nornickel, the biggest producer of Palladium in the world.

In March 2017, Nornickel completed the modernization of its transshipment terminal in Murmansk, which became one of the biggest investment projects for transportation infrastructure development north of the Arctic circle.

The new transport-logistics hub can process 1.5 million tons of container cargo per year. The warehouse zone is 100,000 sq. meters. Berths are equipped with portal cranes with a lift capacity from 40 to 80 tons. The yard uses reachstackers, forklifts and two gantry cranes equipped with lift control system and automatic spreaders capable of lifting containers weighing up to 40 tons.

Terminal processes have been optimized significantly thanks to the implementation of Solvo.TOS, specifically:

  • Centralized CHE fleet management;
  • Online productive operations tracking;
  • Automatic container handling operations planning;
  • Flexible planning and efficient usage of terminal space;
  • Timely creation of production cycle documentation and reports;
  • Reduction in time trucks spend at the terminal.
  • These benefits were achieved by SOLVO experts who implemented the following technologies at the terminal:
  • Address-based container storage;
  • Electronic documentation of processes;
  • Planning, execution and tracking all operations in automatic and semi-automatic modes;
  • Online cargo identification technology using heavy-duty mobile computers for tallymen and terminal vehicles;
  • Automatic generation and issuing of tasks for tallyman and CHE drivers, and more.

This type of automatic made it possible to minimize the number of unproductive moves, optimize CHE usage and human resources, while reducing human error to increase overall productivity.

V.C. Sidorenko, the terminal’s deputy director and head dispatcher, said:

“Among the results of Solvo.TOS implementation, I would like to note the optimization of CHE operations as well as the ability to quickly adjust processes on-the-fly during a shift, thanks to the introduction of the warehouse layout module.”

The given project had to account for the terminal's specifics when implementing Solvo.TOS:

Nornickel is simultaneously the shipper, container line agent, ship owner, cargo owner, and operator of its own train yard. This gives a fully closed production cycle, which had to be accounted for when implementing the terminal operating system;

Besides 20 and 40 foot container, the terminal also uses 10 foot container as well as low half-height 20 foot containers with a height of 1.3 meters. The system was adapted to handle these non-standard sizes;

Solvo.TOS takes into account the specifics at the ship operations area. Portal cranes are used for load handling operations at the berth instead of standard quay cranes. Containerships, which dock at the terminal are also typically non-standard - not with with 40 foot bays, but ice-breaker ships where containers are loaded in the common cargo hold.

All of these specifics are reflected in the cargo handling operations algorithm as well as in the logic for creating automatic tasks by the system. This is exactly why it was decided to develop an arbitrary type of new universal vessel loading-unloading module. The new module, in particular, makes it possible to plan container loading operations involving non-standard containers, including the specificity of allocating container fixtures on the deck;

Solvo.TOS supports container transfer between terminal yards, which is performed via either road or rail.

The truck operations area now supports automatic dual permit creation for gate entry: for the so-called “material” payload and also for the transport vehicle and driver.

“Despite the affiliate using it for less than 1 year, it can already be confirmed that automation system implementation improved operations at the terminal, while further expansion of functionality and development of Solvo.TOS is expected to further optimize processes and boost efficiency at the Murmansk port,” adds Sidorenko.

The terminal’s future plans include the implementation of Solvo.TOS for managing general cargo operations.



SOLVO Nominated for 'TOS Technology Company of the Year 2017' Award 


SOLVO has been shortlisted to win the award category ‘TOS Technology Company of the Year ’ at the Transport Arabia Excellence Awards 2017 ceremony, which took place on December 4th, 2017 at the Roda Al Bustan Hotel in Dubai.

Daniel Pershin, Head of Marketing of Solvo said:

“It is a great honor for us to be nominated for the first time and although we have not received the main prize this year it is still a great step forward for Solvo to be recognized in the Middle Eastern market. We are hoping to reach that goal at the next year’s ceremony.”

The awards ceremony included some Special Guest of Honors alongside some very highly influential names from the industry attending the awards ceremony, namely:

· Royal Patronage: His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum

· H.E. Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Director General – GCAA

· H.E. Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Chairman - DP World

· H.E. Dr Abdullah Salim Al Kathiri, Director General – Federal Transport Authority (FTA)

· Paul Griffiths, CEO – Dubai Airports

· Mahmood Al Bastaki, CEO - Dubai Trade

· Ghaith Al Ghaith, CEO – Fly Dubai

The given award is given to the Terminal Operating Systems software company that has brought the most innovative TOS software in the market in last year. Boost to terminal productivity in terms of speed, operational efficiency, energy efficiency and cost reductions will be the primary criteria for this award.



New TOS for Novosibirsk


SOLVO has successfully completed the implementation of a 'Smart Container Terminal' at TransContainer’s Novosibirsk rail terminal in Russia.

You can view the full article here.